The Sartorial Experience

The Sartorial Experience

Toronto’s Preeminent Sartorial Experience Since 1971

Presenting a suit that is designed and made by Calabretta, where sartorial tradition meets modern elegance. Each suit is crafted not just to be worn but to provide an unparalleled experience of luxury. Every piece is hand-cut from the finest fabrics by master craftsmen who employ tailoring at its highest discipline. With full canvas construction and hand-finished details, our suits offer a true Sartorial Experience.

Calabretta is one of the few tailors today who preserves the Sartorial Arts, from the knowledge and tradition specially preserved from our European heritage. We deliver a true, tailored piece refined in excellence like no other suit, vest, or custom-made shirt on the market today. Each garment exemplifies character, from its hand stitching to embroidered details, making a Calabretta unmistakably a sartorial work of art.

Each Calabretta suit or jacket is made from Sartorial tradition and rare skills, which, together with modern design, become the innovative factors that make Calabretta distinctive and highly sought after as custom tailors for those who demand the exceptional, including costume production in the film, theatre, and television industries. Checkout Calabretta in Film & Television

How It Works:

Step 1: Consultation and Design

Book your appointment to begin the journey toward your custom-made garment. During the consultation, we will discuss your garment’s purpose, style and fit. We’ll also guide you through selecting fabrics and linings from our high-quality range. This step helps us understand your vision and ensures the garment will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Step 2: Measurements and Tailoring

After choosing your materials, we’ll finalize the style and details of your garment, tailoring the design to your preferences. Your measurements are taken. Our tailors then begin crafting your piece, preparing a basted jacket for the first fitting.

Step 3: Fittings and Adjustments

Attend the first fitting to fine-tune the garment’s balance and fit. After refining the garment, you’ll come in for a second “forward fitting”, where at this stage you’ll begin to visualize the final look. We’ll conduct additional fittings as needed to ensure the garment meets our high standards and your expectations.

Step 4: Final Fitting and Collection

Once your garment is complete, a final fitting confirms everything looks and feels good. Then, it’s time to wear your custom-made piece, a reflection of your individual style and the craftsmanship of our tailors.