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The History & Continued Legacy of Calabretta

The Calabretta Legacy

The original Calabretta sartoria
The original sartoria was located at 23 Via Italia, Stalleti, Italy
Staletti, Calabria, Italy
Staletti, Calabria, Italy
The original Calabretta Sartoria

Calabretta’s legacy begins with Nicola Calabretta, trained in the sartorial craft from Staletti a small town in Calabria, Italy. At the age of 20, he opened his own Sartoria in the town.

In 1960 he moved to Switzerland, where he continued to work as a tailor, further perfecting his craft. In April 1965 he moved to Toronto where he worked as a Tailor at The House of Stone clothing company, bringing with him the Sartorial craft and technique from Italy.

Six years later, 1971, he opened his own tailor shop at 223 Spadina Avenue, in the old garment district. Nicola’s sons, Tony and Dom Calabretta, apprenticed and became Master Tailors of their own under their father, in the proud tradition of the craft passing down to the next generation. Design, cutting, pattern drafting and sewing operations is headed by Dom with sales, fittings and hand-finishing details headed by Tony.

Nicola Calabretta (center) 1971, 223 Spadina Ave. Toronto (Fashion District).
Nicola Calabretta (center) 1971, 223 Spadina Ave. Toronto (Fashion District).
Tony, Nicola & Dominic Calabretta
Founder Nicola Calabretta with sons Tony and Dominic.
Scissors, tailor's chalk and measuring tape laying on top of a suit jacket on a table.
The photo presents a close-up view of a tailor's workspace, with tools laid upon a fabric featuring a "Calabretta 1971" label, symbolizing quality craftsmanship. The juxtaposition of the lining colour, a tangled pink measuring tape, and fabric shears provides insight into the meticulous process of tailoring. The shears, poised at the edge, hints at the next step in the creation of a bespoke garment, emphasizing the precision and tradition behind custom tailoring.
Fitting with actor Brandon Firla for TV series "Suits"
Full canvas display
This photograph captures a unique half-finished brown men's blazer displayed on a mannequin. The left side of the blazer appears nearly complete, showcasing its fine material and structure, while the right side remains deconstructed, revealing the white basting stitches against the dark fabric. This contrast offers a rare glimpse into the tailoring process, highlighting the precision and care that goes into crafting a classic piece of menswear.
Actor Eric Roberts with Tony Calabretta
Hands of a master tailor
This monochromatic image captures the essence of tailoring in a single, poignant detail. It features the weathered hand of a tailor, using a piece of white tailor's chalk to mark precise lines on a swath of luxurious black fabric. The white thread stands out against the dark material, a testament to the meticulous attention to detail required in the craft. The tailor's hand, with fingers gently holding the chalk, conveys the skill and delicacy with which tailors approach their art. This intimate glimpse into the tailoring process highlights the tradition, precision, and personalized care that go into creating bespoke garments.
First fitting, second fitting, work in progress.
The image offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a tailor's workshop, showcasing a lineup of suits, each in different stages of tailoring. These suits, exhibiting the potential for sartorial elegance, are marked with tailor's chalk, awaiting the next step in their creation. The basting threads and open seams reveal the meticulous process of custom suit-making. Lined up like an artist's palette of fabrics and colors, the suits showcase the tailor's skill and attention to the craft. This image captures the bespoke tailoring process, highlighting the custom fit and personalized details that characterize handmade garments.
A father and his two sons posing at a tailor's workshop.

Today through its founder Nicola Calabretta and his sons Tony and Dom, the company has quickly developed a reputation for their sartorial craftsmanship in producing some of Toronto’s best hand made custom suits. After over 50 years in business, the company is still concentrated almost obsessively on quality, design, fabrication, and old-school craftsmanship methods, which still include full-canvas construction and hand-finished details.

Calabretta’s vision continues combining and preserving traditional techniques into innovative modern designs, allowing our customers to simply feel and experience the best. Very few brands and custom made pieces will exemplify the tradition, legacy and culmination of a special art form that is given to every Calabretta wearer. Each suit is a timeless work of art that can be, the one suit you always treasure.

Two men in grey custom-made suits, one plain, the other pinstripe.